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The Teen-Sunshine Club is an after school social-recreation program designed for children, teens and young adults with and without disabilities, ages 3 years and up. Participants must be able to participate in group activities and need to be toilet trained.


Come join in a variety of activities offered including: crafts, games, sports, community outings and special events!


The program runs from 2pm-5pm Monday-FridayIt’s fun, affordable and convenient!


The C.I.D. pool is indoors with access to locker rooms for both men and women. The pool is 2 ½’ to 4 ½’ and is 92 degrees. There is also a Jacuzzi available which is 102 degree. All swim sessions have a certified lifeguard on deck. All classes have both a lifeguard and an instructor on deck as well. The programs cost $15.00 a month. Click on the link to read more about the individualized programs.


Aquatics Programs Consist of:

Adult Swim

Twinges & Hinges

Water Babies

Sea Turtles of San Bernardino Swim Club


The Merri-Mixers is a social-recreation program designed for adults with and without developmental disabilities, ages 25 years and up. Participants participate in group activities at the center, and on field trips in the Inland Empire area. The program offers a variety of activities including: crafts, games, cooking activities, and community outings.


Participants must be able to participate in group activities.


Program runs from 9:30am-12:00pm Tuesday – Thursdays. Its fun, affordable and convenient



Kitchen Masters is our Social Recreation Cooking program where participants bond over the enjoyment of food. Our four week session covers the basic skills in the kitchen such as; cutting, measuring and following directions-- but does  not exclude domestic skills like; setting the table, cleaning, plating food, and appropriate eating habits. 


Kitchen Master is a month long session. From their will be doing a session every other month


Program runs Thursdays, 3pm -5pm

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