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At the CID, we provide recreational programing to those with cognitive or physical disabilities. From severe to moderate, from Autism to Down Syndrome, we are one in few facilities the country to offer such programming for a wide variety of disabilities. Unfortunately, amongst our population our participant aren't privelaged to have such expierences with thier friends. Our goal is to take 30 of thier programmates to the happiest place on earth. Disney is not just a company at CID, its a lifestyle, the source of hundreds of bonding moments between participants.

Within our walls and amongst our participants at CID there’s this unified love for Disney and what they offer to the world. From their music to their movies our participants can repeat movie lines, sing their popular soundtracks at the top of their lungs, and collectively name any and every Disney character, old or new. We make it a conscious effort to incorporate Disney into our daily programming from playing Disney soundtracks during our programing to making our recreational activities Disney themed like: Beauty and the Beast Bingo, Wonderland bowling, or Disney karaoke—we do our best to cater to what our participants love. We’ve themed multiple proms after popular Disney titles such as; Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book and few others. With each Disney themed Prom, we’ve noticed they enjoyed the experience so much more and we want to take their experience one step farther.
Our goal is to raise $3,000 to send 30 of our particapants to Disneyland! Your donation will cover the cost of ticket admission, transportation, meals, and shirts for identification purposes. On our shirts, we will proudly showcase sponsorship branding for any donation. We hope that you're interested in not only becoming a Friend to the CID but helping to provide everlasting memories for our participants.